BMW 3 Series Tuning

KW brings new suspensions for xDrive Bimmers

Traditionally a rear wheel drive kind of manufacturer, BMW has recently expanded the vehicles that are also offered with the xDrive (all wheel drive) system, and there are even plans for a front wheel drive model.

With more models to use the xDrive, aftermarket specialists also have to step up their game and provide adequate parts for avid tuners.

KW Suspension
KW Suspension

And when it comes to suspensions, few can hold a candle to the parts built by KW. And their latest work targets the xDrive models, more specifically, the F30 3 Series Sedan. They have recently revealed their coilover kits, which come in 3 variants.

The Variant 1 suspension is the basic one, and will provide a factory set damping. Moving up to the Variant 2, you get to adjust the rebound damping with 16 clicks.

Variant 3 KW suspension for the F30 BMW 3 Series is the top of the line, and it provides performance fitting for the place. It will bring any buyer more options for customization, and KW says it’s basically “racing technology for the street”.

But no matter which of the three Variants you go for, all of them will provide a boon over track stability of the car and steering precision, with each variant bringing in other benefits as well. With the F30 set for now, KW also promises that come mid September, the BMW 3 Series xDrive station wagon will also get a set of new suspensions.

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