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Tuned BMW i3 rendering

While there is a huge market for tuning parts for the conventional vehicle, the EVs have never seen too much attention from tuners.

To be fair, generally those that buy an electric car don’t really care about performance increase and styling reworks.

Tuned BMW i3 rendering
Tuned BMW i3 rendering

But with the release of the BMW i3 and the promise of an industry shift, there are chances that even the electric vehicles will see increased attention from aftermarket specialists.

In preparation for that day, photoshop users have imagined a modified version of the BMW i3 and released the rendering above. The result is quite the eye candy and there surely are plenty that would want it to come true.

Thing is, the BMW i3 isn’t a bad looking car, especially compared to other EVs, so it should have more fans, and the general nice styling lines give it a better chance to emerge a jewel after some tuning.

Photo credit: bimmerpost.com

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