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BMW i3 M Rendered

BMW has moved on with the press releases, and the i3 model is not longer that heavily featured.

Still there are those that haven’t had enough of the small, electric city car, and desire more from the German car maker.

BMW i3 M Rendering
BMW i3 M Rendering

Some even went so far as to imagine the BMW i3 after the M Division got a swing at it. The guys from TopSpeed delivered a few renderings of their interpretation of an i3 M. I have to admit that they did a good job of it, with an angrier posture obtained from a new front spoiler and wider air intakes.

BMW i3 M Rendering
BMW i3 M Rendering

And although the M variant of a BMW i3 might be something many people dream of, chances are it will never see daylight. We have to take into account that the i3 was built from the ground up as a “born electric” city car, with its main strengths being economy and mobility.

Photo Credit: TopSpeed

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