BMW 3 Series Tuning

Hartge F30 BMW 335i

Hartge has been quite busy lately, releasing a few power upgrade kits for various BMW models.

Up next is the F30 BMW 335i xDrive, and Hartge made it easy to upgrade the power output with a simple plug and play kit.


In a traditional Hartge fashion, the performance improvements are demonstrated to interested parties via a video, which you can watch below. But putting that aside, let’s talk numbers. How much more power are we actually talking about with the new tune?

From what it seems, Hartge manages to get the F30 BMW 335i xDrive up to the 362 Hp mark, from a standard 306 Hp. Torque is also experiencing boosts, now delivering 480 Nm up from 400 Nm. This help the car accelerate faster, and how much faster, you ask?

Well, the time it takes the Bimmer to go from 80 km/h to 200 km/h is now 14.97 seconds, making for a 4.57 seconds upgrade. So should you ever want to boost your F30 BMW 335i xDrive, Hartge style, just dish out 2.828 USD and install the kit.

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