BMW 1 Series M Tuning

BMW 1M Raze GT by Revozport

It was not too long ago that we were amazed by the good job the guys from Revozport did on the E82 BMW 1M.

Dubbed the Raze, said 1M was an amazing aftermarket build, with great emphasis on the exhaust sound.

Raze GT BMW 1M
Raze GT BMW 1M

In a recent press release, the tinkers of Revozport announced the new Raze GT, a step up from the previous version, as the GT name tends to suggest. While full specs and video/audio or even decent photos have yet to be revealed, we did get a preview photo, just enough to satisfy us until it is completed.

The new Raze GT will be 30 mm wider, will sport a huge rear wing and a new diffuser. there is also great news for the E82 BMW 1M owners, as they will be able to use the new Raze GT kit as well, if they have managed to abstain from purchasing the first one. We will be eagerly awaiting some footage of what we hope to be a kit just as mad sounding as the last.

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