BMW Z4 Tuning

Dragon custom BMW Z4

There is a new tuning project out there and it involves the BMW Z4. And if I told it is absolutely insane (not in the good way), you can already guess which country it came from.

Yes, it is, indeed, a Chinese project, and it’s flamboyant to say the least.

Dragon BMW Z4
Dragon BMW Z4

Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese dragons, the owner decided to turn his BMW Z4 into one. First some gold was applied to the exterior, because nothing says “bling” like the colour of the precious metal. Next up, the owner fashioned dragon parts for the hood, doors, and trunk.

With the head of the dragon on the hood, and a nice tail on the trunk, the doors have been fitted with some nice wings. While the whole project is a bit too much, as many Chinese tuning projects tend to be, the craftsmanship on the BMW Z4 custom pieces seems to the top notch. The vehicle in this form will not be driven around, but instead used as a show piece. It probably isn’t street legal, anyway.

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