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December 5th brings 17th BMW Art Car

It has been long contested that cars, while great feats of engineering, are actual art pieces, even if the more enthusiastic fans might argue they are.

And while the subject is being debated, more so called art cars keep emerging, with BMW being at their 17th unit.


This all started with Andy Warhol and his now legendary BMW M1, which was painted to represent the very high speeds Bimmers feel at home at. The latest of art cars, a very nice E92 BMW M3 GTS aims to bring a tribute to the car that started it, and artist Jeff Koons did a great job of it.

As part of the exhibit at the 2013 Art Basel Fair, the E92 BMW M3 GTS will be sitting right next to Andy Warhol’s M1, a fitting duo of past and present. “Koons wanted to design a BMW Art Car because of the tradition set forth by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and other great American artists, that is why we are very proud to display both the Koons and the Warhol car at the same event”, stated BMW North America CEO, Ludwig Willisch.

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