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F12/F13 BMW 650i custom mufflers by AC Schnitzer

There are a few aftermarket specialists out there that deal mostly with BMW, and they do it with such dedication, that every time you hear they released a new product, you can hardly wait to see what it is.

AC Schnitzer is one such tuner, and the product they recently unveiled is a custom muffler for the F12/F13 BMW 650i.

AC Schnitzer
AC Schnitzer

For those that live only for the numbers, rest assured that AC Schnitzer’s product will definitely improve on the performance of the vehicle, but with detailed specs yet to arrive, you won’t be able to do the math. Still, we do get to hear, in a couple of very nice video, the main attraction of the AC Schnitzer mufflers.

I am, of course, talking about the sound. While the stock BMW 650i has quite a nice ring to it (as most other Bimmers do), the soundtrack is a sure upgrade when the new mufflers come into play. For a taste of the new product, there are a couple of video just below. Unfortunately, just like the specs, prices were not released, either, so for those eager among you, a bit of patience.

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