BMW 1 Series M Tuning

F20 BMW 1 M by Dahler

Just because you are not the most prominent aftermarket specialist, doesn’t mean that you can’t produce awesome builds, and Swiss tuner Dahler proved just that.

Their project took a BMW 135i M and turned up the power, while also doodling a bit on the surface.

BMW 1 Series M by Dahler
BMW 1 Series M by Dahler

The 135i, most like pretty much any other Bimmer out there, is not a car that lacks in performance, or at least driving pleasure, but that doesn’t mean it is giving it its all. So the guys from Dahler went on and fiddled with the 3 liter engine, making it capable of producing 360 Hp and 540 Nm of torque.

The numbers make for an acceleration time to 100 km/h of just 4.5 seconds, which is pretty decent considering the normal 8 speed automatic transmission. As for the aesthetics of the car, we don’t get too much, really, and the aftermarket specialist was a bit withholding with the pictures. Apart from what you can glance from the one photo, your guess is as good as mine.

Still, the performance upgrade itself is enough to give this project a green light and recommend it to any takers.

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