BMW M4 Tuning

F82 BMW M4 tuning rendering

Just the other day I was glancing over some interesting takes on the BMW M4 model, courtesy of Gran Turismo 6, and now I already get to see how a tuning kit for it might look.

While only a single picture was provided for our enjoyment, we still have to thank the artist that managed to create this nice rendering.

Tuned F82 BMW M4
Tuned F82 BMW M4

By far the most obvious and outstanding feature on the rendered build are the massive wheels arches. Now, I can’t say that they look bad, but they just don’t really spark my interest. The only thing I can get behind is the bolt-on approach of the new body panels.

And since this is only a rendering, past the visual modification there isn’t anything to discuss. Sure, you can fantasize about a 100 Hp increase thanks to a turbocharger and new soundtrack courtesy of Akrapovic, if that would make this build more interesting. But fact remains that, while we appreciate the effort, the end result is not much of a mind twister.

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