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2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

Each year, several auto shows take place with regularity all over the place. And while generally these events attract car makers, making it possible for them to showcase new models of concepts, some shows are more specialized.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is one such specialized gathering, and it is dedicated to aftermarket specialists and their builds.

BMW at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon
BMW at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

This year, the Auto Salon presented plenty of Bimmers, from various tuners like 3D Design, Hamann, Kelleners and various other aftermarket specialists. As expected, the 3 Series was everywhere, whether the E90/E92 or F30/F32, and even the coupe successor, the 4 Series was present.

BMW at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon
BMW at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

There were, of course, some M3, M5 and even some Z4 models in the crowd, presented from the more ambitious tuners. There are plenty of projects to be seen, as the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon was heavily covered. You can cast your opinion on some of the projects in the gallery below.

Photo credit: Bimmerpost.

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