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Alpha-N Performance presents rendering of tuned BMW i8

When we first heard about the specs of BMW’s i8 model, we were a bit confused about it being called an sports car.

Compared to competing models, this hybrid was sure a tad under-powered, but ever since plenty of knowledgeable people and various magazines hailed it as a true sports car, and a good one at that.

Alpha-N BMW i8 Rendering
Alpha-N BMW i8 Rendering

In its stock form, nothing is really missing, and is as close to perfection as you can get. But even under these circumstances, there are those out there that are just itching to see the BMW i8 tuned. Alpha-N Performance seems to be ready to jump right on that, as the recent rendering they released suggests.

The tuned BMW i8 they present has minor alterations, with only a set of wheels and a rear wing added, but again, these are two modifications too much. Not to mention that BMW spent so much time in the wind tunnel fine tuning the aerodynamics of the hybrid i8 that the rear wing is most likely ruining all that effort. But it looks good.

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