BMW X3 Tuning

BMW MHX3 teased by manhart

There are a select few aftermarket specialists that managed to set a certain trend and each build is anticipated and eagerly awaited by fans.

Among them, we name Manhart, a tuner that managed to push out several kits that improved BMWs in all aspects, but power improvements stand out.

Manhart MHX3 370
Manhart MHX3 370

The next in line to receive the Manhart special treatment is the BMW X3, or at least that what a teaser photo released by the manufacturer seems to suggest. If we are to believe the badge affixed to the door, this new build will be called MHX3 370, a name that already gives us a lot to think about.

Whith this most likely meaning a 370 Hp output, the implications point toward a very steep bump in power. As a standard xDrive35i version (which is most likely to be used) develops only 306 Hp, Manhart plans a 64 Hp increase. This kind of numbers will definitely raise the bar even for other established aftermarket specialists like Alpina or AC Schnitzer.

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