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E92 BMW M3 Autocouture photo shoot

We have all seen photos of various objects or people that look far superior to any kind of photoshopped picture.

And this is mostly due to a photographer that has the proper tools and know how. Of course, hiring the services of one such artist can cost a pretty penny, so such photos are treasured.

Autocouture E92 BMW M3
Autocouture E92 BMW M3

But what happens when the photographers does it all out of sheer pleasure, and shares with the world his or her creation. We can glean exactly that from the recent photo shoot that took place at Autocouture. The models? A couple of very nice supercharged E92 BMW M3.

Autocouture E92 BMW M3
Autocouture E92 BMW M3

The whole photo shoot highlights one of the better M3s out there (maybe even the best in some people’s opinion) that has not long ago been discontinued. The reasons behind it can be anything from a very nice tribute to promotion of aftermarket parts, but whichever it is, the end result is quite the sight to behold, so behold you shall just below.

Photo credit: autocouture

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