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E92 BMW M3 GTRS3 photo gallery

While Vorsteiner’s GTRS3 kit is by no means something new, it is still a masterpiece created for a now discontinued model.

The E92 BMW M3 was since replaced by the brand new M4, but that doesn’t mean E92 owners won’t have any more goodies.

E92 BMW M3 GTRS3 by Vorsteiner
E92 BMW M3 GTRS3 by Vorsteiner

So we take great pleasure in showing you this picture of a certain E92 BMW M3 GTRS3, which not only looks awesome, but also packs quite the punch once you push the accelerator thanks to the 4.0 liter V8. As a reminder, the body modification include, but are not limited to carbon fiber front bumper, side skirts, wheel arches, vented hood and boot lid.

Pretty much every body panel is now carbon fiber, lowering weight and improving performance. Weight is shed thanks to the GTRS3 exhaust system as well, which also brings about a new music for the user. All in all, a great kit for anyone still looking to modify their E92 BMW M3.

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