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Gintani teases E90/E92 BMW M3 twin turbo

The E9x BMW M3 is still one of the most coveted M3s outs there, even if it has gone out of production for quite a while.

This particular interest for this M3 shows in the attention aftermarket specialists still give it.

E9x BMW M3 twin turbo by Gintani
E9x BMW M3 twin turbo by Gintani

Recently, Gintani fronted a teaser for a new twin turbo kit built for the E90/E92 BMW M3, but no specs were revealed yet. Even so, the reaction from the community was pretty much unanimous, with every enthusiast out there applauding Gintani for this news.

The product was estimated to arrive in about 2 months, except the tuner has run into some problems with production and has to delay a bit. All for the best, as enthusiasts have more time to save up for it, even though no price was released as of yet. Also, in an attempt to appease the masses, Gintani released some videos containing some dry testing, which you can watch just below.

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