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Duke Dynamics release wide body kit for E89 BMW Z4

I love the work Duke Dynamics does with the Bimmers that fall into their hands, even if they mostly deal with aesthetics, and don’t bother with performance.

A recent product involves the E89 BMW Z4, for which they built a wide body kit that seems to integrate with the Z4 seamlessly.

E89 BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics
E89 BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics

The wide body kit has all the makings for a great build. New panels all around, with a special attention to the wheel arches, which have been widened to accommodate those 20 inch wheels we love so much. Then the vented hood adds some more Duke Dynamics style to the E89 BMW Z4.

E89 BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics
E89 BMW Z4 by Duke Dynamics

As optional features you get the choice of a front spoiler lip, a rear carbon fiber diffuser and a quad carbon fiber exhaust tips. The clean build makes this particular project one worthy or appreciation, and with a nice set of custom wheels can make the E89 BMW Z4 as complete as any other build.

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