BMW 4 Series Tuning

BMW 4 Series station wagon rendering

Over the past year or so, BMW has been steadily expanding its car lineup, with the overall goal of providing a clearly defined vehicle for each segment they wish to cover.

To this effect, the 2 and 4 Series were brought into play, which would replace the older 1 and 3 series coupe variants. Not to mention the completely new i segment.

BMW 4 Series station wagon rendering
BMW 4 Series station wagon rendering

Now, the BMW 4 Series is a dedicated coupe, so, by logical reasoning, it should do that better. And that is why I am a bit surprised by a recent rendering that comes from While we might be used to his rather interesting renderings, this one doesn’t really make sense.

He decided to go ahead and imagine a station wagon variation for the BMW 4 Series, a fact that might be bordering to insanity by some standards. Fact is that despite the great execution of the rendering, I doubt it actually serves any purpose besides as an exercise of imagination.

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