BMW M6 Tuning

BMW M6 Convertible with a yellow wrap

If there is one thing we should remember from the transformers movies and cartoons, is that a yellow car can be just as badass as any.

Here to prove my point is this great wrap job done on a BMW M6 Convertible which looks absolutely awesome. BMW M6 BMW M6

This wrap was done by the guys from, and it is premium craftsmanship besides the great taste with which it was executed. And this is not the same foil used ages ago. uses high grade material, capable of withstanding scratches and thrown rock chips or pebbles. BMW M6 BMW M6

More and more, the wraps are gaining momentum, becoming a favorite choice when it comes to color change. It is cheaper and easier to apply than paint and should you change your mind, simply peel it off and replace it. The BMW M6 sporting this fine wrap also has some other upgrades, in the form of custom new wheels, a new Eisenmann exhaust system, H&R lowering springs and various other knick knacks.

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