BMW M6 Tuning

BMW M6 Pickup from Prior Design might see the light of day

It has become a popular tradition for companies both big and small to participate in the April’s Fools day, presenting ludicrous products, each less realistic than the other.

As was expected, BMW didn’t fail to deliver, with their BMW ZZZ Series or the Mini Cooper T, but the aftermarket specialists also engaged in some fooling around.

Prior Design BMW M6 Prickup
Prior Design BMW M6 Prickup

For example, Prior Design came forth with a very nice rendering of a BMW M6 Pickup. Rendering pickup variants of BMW models is not a new practice by any means, and there are even a couple of converted vehicles road ready, but just home projects, nothing organized.

Now, with the 1st of April gone, Prior Design suggested something interesting. What if their joke, the BMW M6 Pickup, weren’t really a joke? I mean, there are plenty of buyers out there that are just dying to get their hand on a well crafted BMW Pickup. So this means that we should either expect Prior Design to actually build the M6 Pickup, or they just didn’t have enough fun yesterday.

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