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E92 BMW M3 pickup discovered in South Africa

It seems everywhere we turn our heads these days, another BMW pickup makes an appearance.

A couple of days ago, we had the M6 rendering, a prank pulled by Prior Design, now we get to see and actual E92 BMW M3 converted to a pickup.

E92 BMW M3 Pickup
E92 BMW M3 Pickup

It is quite curious why so many people like the idea of a pickup version of a BMW. It could be that some are just interested in a cool utilitarian vehicle, built with dedication and craftsmanship by the Bavarian team, but I bet some are more attracted to the enhanced drifting capabilities of such a vehicle.

This E92 BMW M3, like a true Bimmer that is it, it sports a front placed engine, rear wheel drive configuration. After the pickup conversion, the boot and rear seat space became a simple flatbed, drastically reducing weight on the rear axle. Couple all that with the 420 Hp output, and you get an absolute drifting machine.

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