BMW 2 Series Tuning

Manhart is making an MH2 400 (based on the M235i)

With the new BMW models out, everyone is waiting to see what the dedicated tuners are up to, and how they will improve on the originals.

Manhart recently teased a project involving the M235i, and after some questioning, the tuner confirmed they are going to work on the BMW M235i.

Manhart MH2 400
Manhart MH2 400

The resulting monster will be called the MH2 400, and just as the name would suggest, it will be sporting 400 Hp under the hood. Of course, that is not all that is to the build, as it takes a lot more tech to put that power down, so a few other additions were also confirmed by Manhart.

This means new suspension courtesy of KW, home built exhaust and a nice new set of wheels and brakes, while QUAIFE provided the rear differential, which locks up to 100%. The information is not complete, but for a preview, we have enough to make up our minds about the build and I, for one, already like the MH2 400.

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