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RETTmobil 2014 will bring a BMW M235i Paramedic car

RETTmobil has established itself as a prominent event for manufacturers to bring various intervention vehicles.

For car makers like BMW, this is more of a place to showcase their vehicles under a different guise, as they don’t purpose build such machines.

BMW Emergency Response Vehicles
BMW Emergency Response Vehicles

The 2014 iteration of the gathering is almost upon us, and BMW has revealed what we should expect of them. The most important and newest addition to the bunch will be a BMW M235i transformed into a paramedic vehicle. While we can all agree that it does look quite impressive, some might say it could lack in functionality.

Truth be told, as a first response vehicle, the M235i could do quite well, as it is small and spiffy enough to get to an accident and stabilize possible victims before a bigger vehicles arrive to transport them to a hospital. The Paramedic BMW M235i make fit right in with the other project BMW will be displaying, like the F15 BMW X5 Paramedic SUV or BMW X1 Fire Command vehicle.

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