BMW M5 Tuning

F10 BMW M5 get new air intake from Dinan

Today, the level of optimization and tuning a car can go through is astounding, with most of it being manipulated through computers.

The sad part about this is that pushing limits is that much harder, with even the slightest improvement possibly costing a lot of money.

F10 BMW M5 Dinan carbon fiber air intake
F10 BMW M5 Dinan carbon fiber air intake

But if you want to get away from another car, you might want to invest into such techs. For F10 BMW M5 users, you can get a bit more from a brand new air intake from Dinan. The new piece is built mostly out of carbon fiber, also helping shed a little more weight.

To make sure the cold air intake is properly used, the whole deal is sealed tight. This all sounds all so far, but unfortunately, there is also some bad news. Due to new emission regulation laws, the Dinan carbon fiber air intake for the F10 BMW M5 is banned from California and other similar states.

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