BMW M3 Tuning

Tuned BMW M3 takes on a Ford GT

When you have in your possession a car that is able to warp the asphalt underneath it, it’s kind of hard to refrain from putting your foot down on the gas.

But some do put their foot down every now and then, and hopefully, when they do so, they are in a somewhat safer environment, like a track.

BMW M3 vs Ford GT
BMW M3 vs Ford GT

Also, if you manage to get several vehicles on the same track, the real fun ensues. Drag races are the norm and, as the next video will show you, you can never know who has the upper hand in such a battle. Pitted against a Ford GT, the BMW M3 puts on a hell of a show.

Truth be told, neither of these vehicles are stock. Both develop ludicrous amounts of power thanks to some tuning. The BMW M3 sports a ESS VT3-750 supercharger that takes the power up to 711 Hp. As for the Ford GT, thanks to a Whipple Supercharger under the hood, the output on that baby is close to 800 Hp. Let’s how these number fare on the track.

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