BMW 2 Series Tuning

BMW M235i by Tuningwerk

Right now, the BMW M2 is already on its way, and while there was a time when the community still had some doubts, they are now dispelled.

But while the BMW M235i was still the highest you could have gone without aftermarket improvements, Tuningwerk came out and presented their version of the M2.

BMW M235i by Tuningwerk
BMW M235i by Tuningwerk

Thanks to a lot of fiddling, the BMW M235i now develops a respectable 444 Hp and 500 Nm of torque. But exactly what did Tuningwerk do to the Bimmer? Popping the hood will reveal a nice new turbocharger, a complete new cooling system, with radiator, oil cooler and all that good stuff, another heat exchanger, a remapped ECU and a brand new exhaust.

Moving on, we find that the BMW M235i is equipped with a new flywheel for the gear box, Brembo brakes and KW suspensions. The passenger’s hub has new Recaro seats, some stiffening struts and a new steering wheel. The list is not complete by far, but just to make an idea of the build. And to make sure we appreciate the effort, we also have some nice footage of the vehicle.

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