BMW X4 Tuning

BMW X4 by Manhart

When it comes to tuning a BMW, there are few aftermarket specialists out there that pretty much lead the pack.

Manhart is one of them, and they already managed to set up a pretty decent legacy.

BMW X4 by Manhart
BMW X4 by Manhart

Mostly they deal in improving performance of Bimmers, and the latest to join their already vast portfolio is the new BMW X4. Manhart chose the range topping xDrive35d version, as this is the one they wanted to push beyond the limit. Considering they managed to up it to 375 HP and 740 Nm of torque, I’d say they did a good job.

The extra oomph comes thanks to Manhart’s Stage 1 kit they fitted under the hood. In order to control the extra power better, they also installed lowering springs and a new set of wheels. Now all we need to wait for is for Manhart to put this baby through its paces and deliver some acceleration times and new top speed.

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