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BMW R1200GS get Akrapovic silencer

When we talk about modifying the exhaust system, we usually mean that the sound the machine makes will be that much more aggressive.

That, and the improved airflow helping in gaining more horses.

Akrapovic silencer for BMW R1200GS
Akrapovic silencer for BMW R1200GS

Well, when we talk about motorcycles, that is not always the case, as most are already overly loud and need to be a tad quieter. Now, I not one to say the BMW R1200GS is too loud, but looking at what Akrapovic came up with, I am inclined to say every owner should get one.

The silencer is manufactured from titanium, then wrapped into a lighter build, and ends in heat resistant carbon fiber end caps. The beauty of the silencer is, besides the obvious nice appearance, the fact that they are pretty much plug and play, only requiring you slide them into place and enjoying the relative silence.

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