BMW i8 Tuning

Four doors BMW i8 rendered

I believe that anyone even remotely interested in alternative versions of cars already knows about Theophilus Chin and his renderings.

When it comes to BMWs, the artist really does a good job and has had quite a lot of ideas over the years, the latest of which is this four doors BMW i8.

Four door BMW i8 rendering
Four door BMW i8 rendering

As with many of Theophilus’ creations, it is pretty much pointless to try and debate if they have some real utility, cause most of the time they are simply an exercise in imagination. And while the BMW i8 is a four seater, like pretty much most other sportscars out there, the back seats are rather useless.

But think for a second that these seats can actually accommodate someone with ease, how would a four door BMW i8 look like? Well, this rendering is realistic and quite well executed, and while there are almost no chances to see this one happen, we appreciate Theophilus’ effort.

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