BMW M4 Tuning

BMW M4 by Noelle Motors

Most of the big names in the aftermarket industry have already released or at least announced their upgrade kits for the BMW M4.

But there are still tuners out there that have yet to show us what they are made of, and one of them is Noelle Motors.

BMW M4 by Noelle Motors
BMW M4 by Noelle Motors

Their tuning kit for the BMW M4 deals exclusively with performance upgrade, and from the first looks, it sounds quite good. Like many other tuners, Noelle Motors also offers its kit in three different variations, or Stages, each more potent and more expensive than the other.

Thus, the first stage for the BMW M4 offers some engine fiddling, taking power outputs from 425 Hp to a more respectable 517 Hp. This is in itself quite potent considering it comes from a tuner we haven’t really heard anything about. Moving on to the stage 2 kit, the BMW M4 is taken to 540 Hp, while the third and final stage will give the Bimmer 560 Hp. If that is not quite enough, Noelle Motors decided to sweeten the deal by removing the top limiter on all four kits, allowing the BMW M4 to go beyond 300 km/h.

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