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BMW M2 rendering hits the net

I am sure that some BMW enthusiasts are following every thread concerning the development progress of the BMW M2, and they must have stumbled unto this particular rendering.

And while I can’t really speak for them, I imagine they weren’t all that impressed, and here’s why.

BMW M2 Rendering
BMW M2 Rendering

First off, we have to take into consideration that with the introduction of the BMW 2 and 4 Series, the company has not only just better differentiate they models, while working to reduce the number of underlying platforms, but they also went with the design language in a different direction.

By that reasoning, you would expect the artist to depict the future BMW M2 to take into consideration what the 2 Series looks like, and more importantly, what the BMW M3 and M4 look like now. That doesn’t seem to happen here. More so, if you are too look at the air intakes or the carbon fiber roof, this looks more like a tuning project than a preview of the BMW M2. And if we are to judge the rendering from that perspective, we could be a bit more lenient. It does look like something a lot of people would actually buy in order to tune their car.

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