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Manhart Performance Upgrades BMW M6 Gran Coupé, Video Displays Impressive Engine Roar

The German based tuning division Manhart Performance has a soft spot for BMW models, the tuner managing to bring forward a lot of outstanding Bimmers, the latest one being this Alpine White BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

We have seen the BMW M6 Gran Coupe in a lot of drag races, taking on other powerful models and impressing with its sheer power under the hood, but what happens if you used a seriously modified M6 Gran Coupe on the track? It would be a real killer, that`s a guarantee.

BMW M6 Gran Coupé by Manhart Performance
BMW M6 Gran Coupé by Manhart Performance

The aftermarket specialist from the Manhart Performance tuning have carried out some mods under the hood, the model receiving a modified ECU, some other Manhart performance parts as well as the already famous Akrapovic exhaust system. Some other minor body changes have been brought as well.

Manhart Performance Box
Manhart Performance Box

All in, this BMW M6 Gran Coupe by Manhart is now capable of delivering 734 horsepower and 939 Nm of torque, as opposed to the stock 560 horsepower and 677 Nm of torque. Thanks to the Launch Control mode, the model is capable of reaching 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

And since words are useless at this point, you`d better watch the BMW M6 Gran Coupe by Manhart Performance while showing off on the streets of London with the Akrapovic exhaust system which is a real blast!

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