BMW M2 Tuning

BMW M2 by Manhart Performance

Manhart Performance released a new package for the BMW M2, a kit called MH2 450 which brings both styling and performance tweaks.

At the exterior, we see a new yellow finish with carbon fiber parts such as the front spoiler lip, hood, roof and rear diffuser. Manhart also offers new black alloy wheels with contrasting yellow calipers, revised side mirror caps in the same finish and black side strips.

The contrasting exterior look makes the car seem both aggressive and stylish. It is nice to see that the tuner used only two colors instead of going crazy with too complicated combinations. However, the appearance is not all as Manhart also tweaked the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine under the hood.

If the stock model delivers 370 horses, Manhart’s creation is capable to put out 450 horsepower thanks to a series of improvements. To be more precise, the tuner changed the downpipes with better ones, fitted a special sports exhaust system and remapped the ECU.

For now, the MH2 450 kit is under development, with more details and photos to be released closer to the launch. Expect the new BMW M2 by Manhart to be available early next year. Pricing details are also unavailable for now.

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