BMW 7 Series Tuning

F02 BMW 750 Li with Fossette wheels looks weird!

Just like a nice pair of shoes can make the difference between an inspired outfit and a horrible one, the same thing can be said about a set of wheels. This huge BMW 750 Li tries two sets and can’t decide which is best suited.

One thing is sure: with 450 hp and, even more spectacular, 650 Nm@ 1750 – 4500 Nm, it needs a big set of wheels! Big enough to send all the power to the ground and help it reach 100 km/h in just under 5 seconds. Which, for a car of its size, is damn fast!

The first choice is an absolutely crazy Fossette set of rims, in natural, brushed aluminum, which perfectly emphasizes the clean look of the 7 Series long version. Their design is neat, yet complex, thanks to the 5 simple spokes, and on the other hand, to the detailed mesh drilled on them. They cost about $5,600 per set.

A second variant is a red, more complex and glaring model, also produced by Fossette. This time, the car looks more daring and shocks the viewer. That’s because the only element that matches the rims color is the pair of rear lights. The calipers are gray, probably not to interfere with the complex, two-color aspect of the rims.

So, which one? It’s pretty obvious that the owner couldn’t decide, so he kept them both! How is it possible? Simple: the silvery pair on the driver’s side and the red one on the passenger’s. It looks like it woke up in the morning and, still being sleepy, it mixed two pairs of shoes.

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