BMW X5 Tuning

F15 BMW X5 with golden wheels: black and yellow

Yesterday, at my local radio station, I listened Wizz Khalifa’s song, Black and yellow. Today, when I opened my internet browser, looking for news about BMW tuners, what’s the first image that came before my eyes? A black and yellow BMW X5!

This model has a wide range of compatible wheels. But these matte gold ADV12 M.V2 Standard Series rims clearly attracts our attention. Especially when combined with the Carbon Schwartz Metallic body color. Their size is also impressive: 21 x 10.5 at the front axle, respectively 21 x 11.5 at the rear.

There’s a good reason for their big size: to push the 2265 kg (4,993 lbs) SUV to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. Ok, a big merit for this acceleration is the 3.0 liter engine’s, which produces 375 hp and 740 Nm of torque (545 lb-ft).

And, as we know, the Ukrainians aren’t the most cerebral nation in the world, and the Tuning & Services company makes no exception. Furthermore, we would like to know how would these wheels handle the quad turbocharged diesel engine, if, in the future, the actual powertrain will be replaced by the more powerful one, currently found under the M750d’s bonnet.

This is a real monster, capable of 760 Nm and it’s the first quad turbo diesel in the world! Looking at its numbers, we’ll be impressed by its 133 hp/l and 235 Nm/l, and by the fact that it’s the most powerful 6 cylinder engine in the world! So, we expect it to be placed under the biggest BMW SUV’s hood in the future.

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