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BMW M3 and BMW M4 by AC Schnitzer: what’s new?

What does it mean to have 431 hp these days? Not too much, if you ask a certain kind of people. For most of us, this amount of power isn’t enough. Therefore, the specialists from AC Schnitzer are offering goodies no one can refuse.

Let’s start with the body. In front, the light carbon elements of the bumper, weighing only 400 g, can be used alone, or in combination with the rest of the body kit. Getting to the stage two, a racing front splitter is added, to improve the downforce and, therefore, the stability. Finally, the stage three implies the presence of 4 front side wings, which help the air flow pushing even more the front axle to the ground.

Moving back, we find the carbon fiber mirror caps, while in the rear, the carbon fiber diffuser, the spoiler, the carbon rear wing (which is available in two height versions) and the roof spoiler add extra downforce, this time on the rear axle.

I intentionally left the AC1, 20 inch forged wheels at the end, because they look so impressive with their bespoke design. They can be ordered either in Anthracite, or in BiColor scheme. There are even more wheel designs available in the offer, ranging from 19 to 21 inches.

Onboard, the AC Schnitzer elements, including the pedal set, the foot rest, the gear knob with digital gear display, the handbrake handle, the key holder and the iDrive Controller cover add sportiveness and elegance.

However, a good part of the show is under the bonnet, where the engine output is increased from 431 to 510 hp, while the torque received 95 Nm extra, reaching 645 Nm. The increased performance is in par with the powerful sound of the AC Schnitzer exhaust, with sound pipe or without it, in the export. Let’s stay under the car, to find the lowered suspension, by 25-50 mm at the front, and 10-15 mm at the rear, or even the more radical suspension, which lowers the care by 40 mm, respectively 30 mm.

The conclusion is that AC Schnitzer provides everything the customers need, in a beautiful, aggressive package, without being too ostentatious. Why searching elsewhere?

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