BMW M4 Tuning

BMW M4 GT4 – factory tuning for real racers

BMW is well known, and highly appreciated for its racing cars. There’s no way I’ll start a list with the best known BMW racing models – it could take way too long time. However, it doesn’t take that long to mention the current range of racing cars: 6 GT3 and M235i Racing.

“Only two models?”, probably thought BMW. “Let’s make another one!”. So, they started working at a new racing model, called M4 GT4. Basically, it’s going to be a BMW M4 tuned by the factory itself. Obviously, the base will be the 425 hp and 550 Nm BMW M4, which will be modified to be even lighter.

The Bavarians will replace the engine bonnet and the doors, with carbon fiber ones, adding race aero elements and a bespoke exhaust. Inside the cockpit, the seats and pedals will be borrowed from the M6 GT3. The brakes will also come from the bigger brother. Unfortunately, there will be no engine upgrade, the M4 GT4 sticking to the same twin-turbo, 425 hp, inline-six powertrain of the original M4.

After presenting the new racer, the BMW specialists will throw it on the track, together with opponents from the GT4 category. The BMW’s aim is to produce an affordable car, that can take the start at races in Europe, North America and Asia, taking benefits over the increasing attention of the public. Even more interesting is the potential car’s success, for the private BMW teams, which is expected to transform it into a bestseller.

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