BMW 2 Series Tuning

F22 BMW 2 Series by Prior Design

Many BMW 2-Series customers didn’t wait until the powerful, beautiful-looking M2 was available on the market, buying a lower rated version. Or, maybe, some of them simply couldn’t afford to buy the top-of-the-range. For all of them Prior Design comes with a proposition: an all-new wide body kit, which can be described by many of us as cooler than the M2’s body.

It has all it takes to transform a small coupe, like the 2 Series, in a cool looking sports car, adding extra wideness together with a bit of aggressiveness. But there’s a condition: don’t stop here! If you opt for this kit, you must also lower the ride, by buying a sport suspension kit, and match the wideness with a new, proper set of wheels. They must have a big diameter, to perfectly fit the wheel arches, and a specific wideness, to be perfectly aligned with the fenders line. And there you have a perfect looking car!

All you need is a BMW M235i, to reflect its looks under the bonnet. The new 3 liter twin scroll turbo, inline-6 engine, which delivers 326 PS and 450 Nm @ 1300 – 4500 rpm, can do miracles: 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds and 1 km with standing start in only 23.8 seconds.

The kit consists of a custom made front bumper, with a spoiler lip, bespoke side skirts and fender extensions, redesigned rear bumper with diffuser and a boot lip spoiler. The kit is entirely made of Fiberglass – Duraflex, a fact that transforms it in one of the most affordable kits on the market.

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