BMW M4 Tuning

F82 ACS4 Sport by Heermann Rhein

Let’s face it: lately, the vast majority of the tuned BMWs are either white, either black, either grey. The days when a part of the BMW personality lied in its body color seem to be gone. Until now…

What’s wrong with a bold color, to reflect its proverbial power? It’s a natural, unwritten rule that a dangerous, wild animal must be dressed in bright color, meant to scare and alert its rivals. Thankfully, BMW knows it and present their M models painted in that gorgeous Laguna Seca Blue.

But even more interesting, there’s a powerful, sporty, bad and…red boy in town! Its name is ACS4 Sport, and it’s one of the later iterations of the BMW M4. The AC Schnitzer creation looks absolutely mind-blowing in Ferrari red, showing just a glimpse of what’s capable of.

And under the hood beats the upgrated heart of the BMW M4, developing not less than 510 PS and 645 Nm of torque. It may not look sensational, compared with the original 431 PS, but it’s huge! It’s enough to catapult the 1612 kg beast in 4 seconds to 100 km/h, and in 12 seconds to 200 km/h, which is impressive.

It also looks as impressive as it drives. The Heermann Rhein details catch our attention: a sporty carbon splitter pairs with the M Performance kidneys, while the 20 inch wheels take care of its stability, equally enhancing its looks. The image is completed by the M Performance grilles incorporated in the front wings, while the carbon mirror caps and the carbon-fiber rear diffuser, add extra sportiness.

Let’s see what the ACS4 is capable of, in the clip below.

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