BMW i8 Tuning

BMW i8 Looks so Hot on Vossen Wheels

The BMW i8 was an instant hit even since its official unveiling on the market in late 2013, but the carmaker`s first plug-in hybrid wasn’t so popular amongst aftermarket shops worldwide.

Slowly but surely, slight mods with the model became to pop-up on the web, mods which usually concerned a new body wrap or a set of new wheels. Well, here we are at the beginning with the gorgeous and powerful BMW i8 receiving the standout wheels from the famous Vossen tuner.

Our present subject is first standing out from the crowd with the beautiful Crystal White Pearl Metallic exterior finish, which is quite a recent option for the model, otherwise seen on other BMW models, like the BMW M3 Sedan or BWM M4 Coupe.

Second, the body wrap comes so naturally with the new set of wheels, finished in Imperial Gold. Some of you might find it a little bit too much, but I personally love the hot combination.

As for the wheels, they are the car`s main highlight. They are made from high-quality forged aluminum and increase its stance and aggressive look. The size are also impressive: 22.8.5 and 22x10x5 front and rear.

The BMW i8 was unveiled with a I5 three-cylinder turbocharged TwinPower Turbo engine, developing 231 horsepower and sending the power to the rear axle. The conventional mill is coupled to an electric drive system which adds an extra 131 horsepower, all being sent to the front.

With all this sheer power, the plug-in hybrid is capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, which makes it more outstanding than the M3 or M4. The all-electric range is also set at 35 km, at a topping of 120 km/h, with an overall of 530 km range.

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