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Canepa`s `79 BMW M1 Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing

The real proof that the German based carmaker BMW has been building durable and long-lasting, iconic models for almost one hundred years is the plethora and high-end models that used to make our lives better in the old days.

And the 1979 BMW M1 Procar is that example of a supercar iteration that dominated the market more than three decades ago.

The car`s extremely aggressive and out-of-the-time body styling and impressive performance was the carmaker`s futuristic envision that led to today`s philosophy.

This gorgeous model has been recently restored and presented by the aftermarket technicians from Canepa, making it one of the coolest and rarest examples from the entire 40 model lot.

According to the tuner, the model is fully restored with original Procar parts, starting with the Procar aero kit – consisting of rear wing, 17-inch BBS rims, mirrors, custom front and rear bumpers – and moving on to the plethora of mechanical bits, including the suspension uprights, control arms, tie rods, hubs, axles, Penske coil-overs or the Brembo calipers taken from the Porsche 962.

Inside, the cabin features the tuner`s special upholstery, with black leather and grey stitching, electric mirror switch, manual window caps, door air vents, door and seat inserts, headliner in perforated leather and so on.

In the engine department, the 1979 BMW M1 was also restored by VAC Motorsports and is now capable of churning out an impressive 414 horsepower, via a ZF 5-speed manual transaxle transmission, rebuilt by Vintage Racing Motors.

The genuine model can be fully admired in the media gallery below released by Canepa tuner. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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