BMW 2 Series Tuning

AC Schnitzer Power Upgrades the BMW M235i

It is not often we get to see a top of the line 2-Series M235i model getting its fair share of customizations from well-known tuners, but today, we have had the chance of admiring the model below, which comes with an aggressive engine growl and a standout aero kit, the entire installation being carried out by no other than AC Schnitzer tuning.

We are looking here at the ACL2 tuning kit, the model being highlighted in Dusseldorf, Germany at a Cars and Coffee event. The video below is also showcasing the car`s new kit and exhaust system with an impressive soundtrack.

The aero kit consists of wide styling elements, like wide fenders, bespoke front and rear bumpers with add-ons, while at the rear, the model received a massive and standout wing, increasing the car`s aggressive attitude.

As we can depict from the video, the model is also highlighted by the new exhaust system with new pipes, limited slip differential with Drezler diff lock, or ECU remapping, all of these increasing the car`s power under the hood.

The stock 3.0-liter S55 is now coming with 570 horsepower on-board, thanks to the aforementioned new mechanics. We don’t know the performance figures, but it is surely much faster than the stock model. Built for its own private collection, the tuner has also revealed that the customized model now costs an impressive 150,000 euros.

My question for today: is an M235i worth the pricing tag of 150,000 euros? I mean, for that kind of money you could get a Porsche Panamera all tweaked with gigantic power and other fine mechanics!

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