BMW i8 Tuning

BMW i8 with Black Wrap Wears HRE Wheels, Installation by Wheels Boutique

Everybody agrees that BMW`s first plug-in hybrid i8 is an exceptional vehicle featuring the latest technology in terms of performance and wearing an evolutionary design.

And tuners worldwide have understood the potential that the BMW i8 has for extremely impressive aftermarket projects, developing a lot of customized parts on that matter. And the best way to make an i8 look like a killer is fitting it with massive wheels.

The latest tuning project involving a BMW i8 comes from Wheels Boutique shop, the technicians deciding to add a slight makeover at the body styling, with the main focus on the wheels and blacked-out body wrap, which make it one of the most aggressive in the tuning world.

We are looking here at a new set of HRE Performance wheels, which are extremely wide and increase the car`s personal look and aggressive attitude. And that is what makes it a genuine plug-in hybrid. Besides that, this BMW i8 remains pretty much the same in terms of performance.

This means that it still packs a synchronous 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine, hooked to electric motor, putting in motion all wheels. The combustion engine delivers an impressive 231 horsepower being sent to the rear axle, while the electric motors churns out an excess of 131 horsepower delivered to the front wheels. The car is also allowing a full-electric range of up to 35 km at a top speed of 120 km/h.

And since words are useless at this point, you are invited to find out more about this custom BMW i8 by Wheels Boutique by taking a closer look at the media gallery below!

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