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Video: Akrapovic`s High-Performance Exhaust System Makes the F31 BMW 340i a Real Blast

There is no doubt that Akrapovic tuner is the best qualified to deliver the perfect exhaust systems for any model on the market, but has recently developed a habit out of fitting BMW products with its exhausts.

Apart the impressive engine soundtrack, the Akrapovic exhaust system also delivers moderate or standout power boosts, depending on the customer`s choice.

Recently, such a high-performance exhaust system has been fitted on the F31 BMW 340i, the engine`s wild sound also being showcased in the video below. Even if we are dealing here with the Touring version of the facelifted 3-Series, the model is still a hot looking ride and the exhaust would indeed increase the car`s personality and flair.

The car`s B58 3.0-liter straight six-cylinder petrol engine now sounds extremely hot and wild, especially when the car is just stationed or being driven on the roads.

As for the price involved, the entire system costs $3,000 in the United States, meaning that you will get the full treatment, such as stainless steel exhaust, which also adds a power boost of approximately 4 horsepower and 6 Nm of torque. It`s not much but what is worth hearing here is just the engine`s lion`s growl.

But words are useless at this point, so push the play button and enjoy the ride with the F31 BMW 340i model and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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