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2016 BMW M2 Coupe by Vorsteiner – New Teasers Emerge

It takes time and a lot of dedication and hundreds of working hours to create that perfect ride that would get the appreciation it deserves, and Vorsteiner is that aftermarket shop that recreates one of the most imposing models in the world.

Even if we have seen tens and tens of M2 Coupes being customized beyond recognition, there are some of them which can`t go unnoticed. And one of those special is no other than the Vorsteiner`s new project, first unveiled in some teasers a couple of days ago.

Now, the technicians from Vorsteiner are back into the spotlights with their almost finished BMW M2 Coupe, the model popping up in new teasers showcasing its rear end. Since we are looking at a new batch of photos, that indicates that the work is still in progress, the tuner presuming fine-tuning the car`s performance.

Vorsteiner is well-known for creating nice and clean aero kit for BMW products, without affecting their personality and original looks, and the mods added on their bodies shape their lines to perfection.

Besides the new front with the freshly added spoiler lip, side skirts, the rear end also comes with new styling elements, like bespoke diffuser and a new rear wing, in this case, is displayed just one of the many options.

The teaser images also let us suggest that there will also be a nice tail spoiler mounted at the rear, or perhaps a massive racing wing which could depict a power boost, as well or the presence of an upcoming vented bonnet. With Vorsteiner, we have learned that the possibilities are unlimited. We should also expect fresh wheels followed by some new interior tweaks.

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