BMW 3 Series Tuning

1989 BMW E30 Looks Crazy with Lambo and Ferrari Tweaks, Price Unveiled

In case you were wondering how an old generation BMW 3-Series might look with styling tweaks from other vintage supercars, then you should take a look at the below 1989 E30 model, which used to be one of the most iconic 3-Series that the German carmaker has created at that time.

BMW purists have no the chance of taking a look at this 1989 325i Convertible, his owner putting a selling ad on Craigslist and asking “just” $19,999.

For this money, you get a sort of kitschy ride with different tuning parts taken from Lamborghini and Ferrari.
Taking a closer look at the car, one can depict the scissor doors from Lamborghini or the side strakes from the Ferrari Testarossa, adding a prominent front bottom from Koeniggsegg, deeper rear rims and vintage-style LCD screens in the headrests.

Also, the ad states that the model is in “excellent” condition, coming as well with just 80,000 miles on board and perfectly working E36 M3 straight-six engine underneath the skin.

In case you are really interested in buying this strange car, then you should addressed directly to the owner, who also posted the bellow announcement:

“No offers without seeing the car, it’s worth every red cent, you’ll obviously never see anything like this again. The body kit doesn’t exist in the US, this is a strictly German wide-body kit.”

Is it worth buying this inciting yet repulsing kind of E30 model? From where I stand, if you really want to add flavor to your BMW collection, then I guess this is the perfect kind of car! Enjoy the impressive media gallery released below!

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