BMW M3 Tuning

Video Highlights Power of E46 BMW M3 by Dinan

Whenever we come around Dinan tuner, we definitely know that there is a serious tuning project involved on a custom-built BMW product, and so it happened with the E46 BMW M3 highlighted in the video below, the model receiving the shop`s special power upgrade.

We are dealing here with the tuner`s S2 package, which consists of some heavy modifications brought to the car`s engine.

This means that the 2003 E46 BMW M3 has received an ECU remapping, new throttle bodies, bespoke air box and muffler, all contributing to the car`s extra of 30 horsepower. Even if it is not much, it is just enough to improve its performance figure. Unfortunately, the tuner has not released any details with the car`s new power and torque.

Besides the new power upgrade, this fine specimen has also received some new mechanics, including new suspension and shocks, adding springs, camber plates and sway bars, which provide the model with a greater stance and increase its driving capabilities.

Other features also include better steering, especially since this E46 BMW M3 also comes with new camber. All allow a better handling and increase the car`s maneuverability.

More than that, the model is in pristine conditions, coming with just 53.000 miles on-board and fine interior, factors that didn’t require any additional transformations. Even so, this BMW E46 M3 looks absolutely amazing and definitely sounds like a real deal.

Just check the video below released by Dinan tuner and don’t forget to share your impressions on the car`s loud engine soundtrack!

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