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BMW M2 Coupe Gets GTS Looks, Installation by Evolve Automotive

With just one year of existence on the market, the 2016 BMW M2 Coupe has become the carmaker`s number one in aftermarket customizations, and we have already seen hundreds of M2s receiving the best treatments from tuners worldwide.

And the reason is pretty simple – the M2 Coupe was built for such a thing. The fine specimen seen below is another example of how crazy things can turn out in the hands of specialists from Evolve Automotive tuning company.

The model looks insanely aggressive and mind-blowing with the new styling bits which turns it into a genuine mixture between an M4 GTS or CS. It even has the same Frozen Dark Grey Metallic exterior wrap as the genuine BMW M4 GTS, not to mention other mods.

Speaking of other new GTS-like body parts, we are also dealing here with the M4 GTS` power dome hood, adding as well more prominent fenders, lower front-end, while the presence of a carbon fiber spoiler with orange accents make the model look more expressive than before.

We cannot bla bla forever with unnecessary words about the tuner`s exquisite body parts, instead, you can read on the official styling bits released by the tuner below. That in case you own a BMW M2 Coupe and want to freshen it up with outstanding mods.

BMW M2 Coupe by Evolve Automotive – Full Mods:

RKP Front Lip; RKP Rear Diffuser; Edison Composites GTS Hood; Edison Composites Carbon Roof; Edison Composites GTS Wing; BMW CCBB; Bilstein B16 Coilovers; Eventuri Intake; Eventuri Engine Cover; Evolve Sport Cat Downpipe; Evolve Stage 2 ECU Tune; Supersprint Exhaust; 6Sixty 19″ Forged Wheels; Toyo R888 Tyres.

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