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BMW M3 in Yas Marina Gets New M Performance Parts and New Wheels, Installation by EAS

Owning a hot-looking and gorgeous BMW M3 might by a blessing, especially if you opt for a complete aftermarket package; nowadays, you can upgrade your M3 with everything you desire, from custom wheels and interior to plethora of styling bits at the exterior.

The owner of this BMW M3 wrapped in Yas Marina has taken its ride to European Auto Source tuning company shop to add new M Performance Parts, racing interior and some new wheels.

The M Performance Parts are meant to provide each BMW product with an exclusive feel, and this Yas Marina BMW M3 benefits from plenty. We are looking here at a number of carbon fiber components, including M Performance carbon fiber front splitters and rear spoiler, as well as a high-performance titanium exhaust system, the latter one increasing the engine`s aggressive growl.

The new looks is complemented with the new FF01 Flow Forged alloy wheels commissioned from HRE Wheels tuning; they are sized 20 x 8.5 in the front and 20 x 10.5 at the rear, and are finished in black, also providing the best blending with the car`s Yas Marina exterior.

As for the interior, this feels extremely like a real racer, with the new Sparco SPX seats, which were custom-built for this M3 in Italy. This means that they come with the same technology and materials like the OEM race cars, the seats coming being made from carbon fiber and other advanced composites, and providing the driver with the best comfort.

Thanks to the seats` new ergonomic shape and positioning, the driver is now sitting lower and getting the best lateral comfort while driving long roads. You can find out more about the entire package in the media gallery available below!

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