BMW M4 Tuning

BMW M4 Cabriolet by Schmidt Revolution Comes with New Body Wrap and Wheels

With the endless tuning possibilities in the aftermarket segment today, those owning a hot-looking BMW M4 Coupe or Convertible can customize their rides with impressive aero kits, bespoke wheels and sheer performance upgrades under the hood.

One of the most tuned-up models from BMW is no other than the BMW M4 Coupe, shortly followed by the M3 Sedan. However, the M4 Convertible is also pacing up with lots of interesting styling packages as well.

Such a fine specimen with lots of aftermarket parts is the below M4 Convertible, recently receiving the visit of Schmidt Revolution tuning company. The car`s main highlights refer to the new body wrap and gorgeous alloy wheels, following as well a slight power boost under the hood.

As we can depict from the photos below, the technicians have wrapped this M4 Convertible with the gorgeous and eye-catching Daytona Grey, adding as well other body parts, like carbon fiber trim, Lowtec springs which bring the car closer to the ground, ceramic brakes, as well as new exhaust system with carbon end pipes, courtesy of Friedrich Motorsport tuning company.

As for the new shoes, the aftermarket specialists from Schmidt Revolution tuner have also installed their new alloy wheels, sized 10.5 x 20-inch with 265/30 Michelin Sport tires at the front, and 11.5J x 21-inch with 305/25 tires at the front.

Under the hood, the M4 Convertible can also be customized with some interesting power boosts, with some little help from Dahler or G-Power, the latter one being famous for its impressive Bi-Tronik power modules. We might be looking here at figures between 532 horsepower and 592 horsepower.

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